Nescafe Gold
6 x 200g
Kinder Bueno 3 Pack
10 x 129g
Red Bull PMP £1.19
24 x 250ml
18 x 190g
Dove Roll-On Deodorant
6 x 40ml
Fairy Washing-Up Liquid
21 x 450ml


Inspired by the famous 13th century Venetian jewel merchant and explorer after whom our company is named, Marco Polo Intercontinental Ltd is forging new trading opportunities between East and West. Unlike our namesake, the jewels in which we trade are popular British branded grocery and consumer products that dominate the shelves of supermarkets and foodservice providers in the UK thanks to their enduring popularity and consistently high quality. Our bulk purchasing power enables us to offer customers throughout the Far East easy access to premium quality brands at highly competitive prices. 

We specialise in the wholesale supply of globally recognised and valued food, beverage and lifestyle products to many countries in the Far and Middle East. We have especially good links the supply of wholesale products to China and India.

We all have our favourite branded products and we have access to a wide range of globally recognised and valued food, beverage and lifestyle brands. These include internationally recognised brand names of beverages, bottled water, energy drinks, soft drinks & fruit juices, confectionery, milk and cream products, household goods, crisps and snacks, grocery, toiletries pet food and baby products.

Such is the burgeoning demand for Western style food and grocery products in almost all Asian countries, that we are now one of the fastest growing UK-based companies in the global commodities import and export supply chain. We have achieved this status thanks to exemplary customer service, speed and reliability of supply, an in-depth understanding of the global commodities market acquired through many years experience in the sourcing and distribution of branded products across the world and a thorough understanding of the expanding and maturing Far Eastern market.