Customs Clearance

Marco Polo in conjunction with its freight forwarders oversees the preparation and submission of all the necessary documentation specific to a particular country’s import requirements. This also includes representing clients during any examination of imported goods, payment of duty and on-going delivery to shipments to clients following customs clearance.

Our export documentation includes the preparation and submission of sales invoice, packing list, shipping bill, bills of laden, certificate of origin, together with any items specific to the buyer or importing needs of the destination country.

We understand that import rules and regulations tend to differ from country to country and in some case from port to port so we work with specialists for each region to ensure our shipments and supporting documentation fully conform with the local importing regulations.

Marco Polo deliver a rounded service for the bulk supply of globally recognised branded consumer products from ensuring our international shipments are properly packed, loaded and containterised to submitting full and accurate supporting paperwork.