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Where there is water there is life. Regular hydration is essential for a healthy body. When we are thirsty we drink. But it’s what we drink that is really important, and since water sustains every form of animal and plant life on the planet it should always be the natural choice when we crave hydration. The purity, mineral content and even the taste of bottled waters vary enormously but they are, without exception, the natural choice of anyone that dislikes the distinctive taint and aroma of chemically treated tap water.


We proudly bottle our Eco for Life® natural still spring waters from the stunning and tranquil New Forest National Park, where the water is second only to the beauty of its surroundings.

All the waters are bottled at source and our attention to detail and careful processes ensure that we bottle only the finest quality spring water so you can rest assured your waters are only the best at all times.


It is impossible to ignore the environmental impact of discarded plastic packaging. In fact, it is estimated that throughout the world we generate over 380 million tonnes of plastic waste every year! 

At Eco for Life® we are making a small but meaningful contribution to stemming the tide of PET plastic waste by packaging all our products in fully biodegradable containers made 100% from annually renewable plants rather than fossil fuel oil.

Our bottles are made from PLA (polylactic acid) totally derived from plants such as corn, cassava and sugar beet.

Neither our bottle nor our caps contain PET

That makes them 100% compostable – even on a domestic compost heap. Naturally occurring microorganisms can reduce PLA bottles to inert compost through ingestion, just as occurs with food and organic garden waste, within months. 

Of course, they can still be responsibly disposed of through kerbside collections and commercial recycling projects, but if they do find their way into landfill or are carelessly or accidentally discarded, they will naturally decompose within months. Compare that to the several hundred years it is estimated most traditional food grade plastics will take to decompose, not to mention the cocktail of pollutants given off in the process!

Each year around 8% of global oil production goes into making PET plastics. That figure comprises raw material as well as the energy consumed in manufacture. But our 100% PLA biodegradable plant bottles:

  • USE 50% less fossil fuel in manufacture
  • EMIT 60% less greenhouse gases 
  • SAVE 1 litre of oil for every 24 bottles anufactured

And unlike some traditional PET plastic containers ours won’t leach potentially harmful chemicals into the product either. So Eco for Life® mineral water stays as pure as the moment it was drawn from its source deep below ground. It looks pure too thanks to outstanding bottle clarity and glass-like transparency that exceeds the visual appeal of PET bottles.

Eco for Life® offers something truly exceptional for the discerning consumer of bottled water - high purity, naturally calcium-rich mineral water in durable biodegradable bottles. Good for the planet and good for everyone’s daily hydration regime

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Eco for Life® is a brand owned by Marco Polo Intercontinental Ltd, delivered exclusively in the Uk and Europe By Key Brands International Ltd