Wholesale Confectionary

For those with a sweet tooth – look no further, welcome to sweet sensation heaven! Our selection of sugary snacks should be enough to make anyone’s mouth water. If you have the chocoholic customer then you have come to the right place, we supply a massive range of highly recognised chocolate ranging from Cadburys, Galaxy, Kit Kat’s, M&M’s, Maltesers and MORE!  Cakes galore with our selection of Mr Kipling’s, or if it’s sugary treats your customers love then you can choose from our assortment of sweets including items such as Polo’s, Haribo and Wine Gums.  

Whether you’re sharing them, or eating them all to yourself, you can enjoy all these products at our extremely competitive prices. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

If you have any enquiries on any of our products then please contact us either via email: info@marcopolointercontinental.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1243 850035

We are committed to providing you with a vast range of premium quality products and are continually reviewing and adding to our range available on our website. If you are seeking an item not listed on our product pages then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you if this can be sourced. 

Twix Twin
A biscuit bar topped with caramel coated in chocol..
Qty/Pallet: 70
Pack Size: 5 x 32 x 50g
Nestle Polo Sugar Free
The mint with the hole Sugar Free. ..
Qty/Pallet: 486
Pack Size: 48xSTD
Polo fruits
Assorted fruit flavour boiled sweets ..
Qty/Pallet: 315
Pack Size: 48 x Std
Mars Bar
A milk chocolate bar with nougat caramel in the ce..
Qty/Pallet: 300
Pack Size: 48 x 51g
Trebor Extra Strong Mints - Peppermint
Mint flavoured sweets. ..
Qty/Pallet: 400
Pack Size: 40 x 50.7g
McVitie's Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks - Strawberry
Yogurt flavour topping on a light crispy biscuit w..
Qty/Pallet: 341
Pack Size: 24 x 36g
Yorkie Original
Yorkie biscuit is a delicious treat for the family..
Qty/Pallet: 225
Pack Size: 36 x 64.5g
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs
Delicious Cadbury milk chocolate at the heart of..
Qty/Pallet: 112
Pack Size: 6 x 420g
Munchies Tube
Nestle munchies takes the best of three worlds and..
Qty/Pallet: 423
Pack Size: 36 x 52g
Quality Street Matchmakers Honeycomb
Honeycomb flavour chocolates with skimmed milk cho..
Qty/Pallet: 189
Pack Size: 10 x 130g
Cadbury Twirl
Two twirly milk chocolate fingers covered in smoot..
Qty/Pallet: 270
Pack Size: 48 x Std
Rolo Tube
 Rolos are made by moulding the cup of chocol..
Qty/Pallet: 1
Pack Size: 24 x 500ml
Walkers Assorted Shortbread Shapes
This is Walkers smallest carton of Assorted Shortb..
Qty/Pallet: 120
Pack Size: 12 x 160g
Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark
Dark chocolate flavoured with real orange. ..
Qty/Pallet: 170
Pack Size: 12 x 175g
Nestle Lion Bar
Filled wafer with caramel and cereals covered with..
Qty/Pallet: 168
Pack Size: 36x50g