Aero Milk Bar
Aero Milk Bar  chocolate centred encased in s..
Qty/Pallet: 340
Pack Size: 36 x 27g
Kit Kat 2 Finger
Kit Kat Pop Choc are delicious bitesize pieces of ..
Qty/Pallet: 28
Pack Size: 16 x 36 x 20.7g
Polo Original
Good to remember Made with real peppermint oil, Po..
Qty/Pallet: 28
Pack Size: 6 x 48 x 33.4g
Kit Kat 4 Finger
Kit Kat wafer coated in milk chocolate. Containing..
Qty/Pallet: 24
Pack Size: 12 x 24 x 45g
Smarties Hexatube
  Colourful milk chocolate beans in a crisp ..
Qty/Pallet: 250
Pack Size: 48 x 38g
We’ve had many a request to put Lion pick and mix ..
Qty/Pallet: 125
Pack Size: 48 x 55g
Kit Kat Chunky
Delicious wafer bar in a thick chocolate co..
Qty/Pallet: 35
Pack Size: 8 x 24 x 48g
Nestle Kit Kat 4 Finger
Four crispy wafer fingers coated in milk chocolate..
Qty/Pallet: 224
Pack Size: 48xSTD
Nestle Polo Sugar Free
The mint with the hole Sugar Free. ..
Qty/Pallet: 486
Pack Size: 48xSTD
Nestle Lion Bar
Filled wafer with caramel and cereals covered with..
Qty/Pallet: 168
Pack Size: 36x50g
Quality Street Matchmakers Zingy Orange
Orange flavoured chocolates with skimmed milk choc..
Qty/Pallet: 189
Pack Size: 10 x 130g
Rolo was launched in 1938 in the UK, using the inn..
Qty/Pallet: 444
Pack Size: 36 x 52g
Nestle Yorkie Milk
Chunky smooth milk chocolate. ..
Qty/Pallet: 330
Pack Size: 36x46g
Nestle Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit
Five solid chunks of smooth milk chocolate with de..
Qty/Pallet: 330
Pack Size: 36x46g
Rolo Tube
 Rolos are made by moulding the cup of chocol..
Qty/Pallet: 1
Pack Size: 24 x 500ml