Trebor Softmints - Spearmint Blue
Mint flavoured chewy centred sweets in a crisp can..
Qty/Pallet: 396
Pack Size: 40 x 44.9g
Trebor Extra Strong Mints - Peppermint
Mint flavoured sweets. ..
Qty/Pallet: 400
Pack Size: 40 x 50.7g
Fox Fabulous Tins 600g
Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 600g An asso..
Qty/Pallet: 49
Pack Size: 6 x 600g
Walkers Mini Shortbread Fingers
The same delicious Walkers taste, in a bitesize sh..
Qty/Pallet: 80
Pack Size: 12 x 125g
Maynards Sports Mix
Fruit flavour gums. ..
Qty/Pallet: 184
Pack Size: 12 x 190g
Mikado Daim
Biscuits covered with caramel flavour milk chocola..
Qty/Pallet: 154
Pack Size: 24 x 70g
Maynards Wine Gums
Fruit flavour gums. ..
Qty/Pallet: 184
Pack Size: 12 x 290g
Mr Kipling Bakewell Slices 6 Pack
Delicious layer of pastry with fruity jam and mois..
Qty/Pallet: 105
Pack Size: 12 x 6pack
Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark
Dark chocolate flavoured with real orange. ..
Qty/Pallet: 170
Pack Size: 12 x 175g
Mr Kipling Vienesse Whirls 6 Pack
Scrumptious shortcake swirls filled with fruity ra..
Qty/Pallet: 27
Pack Size: 12 x 6 pack
Fruit Pastiles Tube
Good to remember 25% fruit juice is squeezed into ..
Qty/Pallet: 320
Pack Size: 48 x 52.5g
Walkers Thick Shortbread Fingers
The Shortbread Finger is perhaps Walkers most worl..
Qty/Pallet: 98
Pack Size: 24 x 250g
Maryland Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate flavoured cookies containing chocolate c..
Qty/Pallet: 140
Pack Size: 20 x 145g
Walkers Assorted Shortbread
Walkers Shortbread Assortment contains three popul..
Qty/Pallet: 135
Pack Size: 6 x 500g
Maynards Sports Mix
Fruit flavour gums. ..
Qty/Pallet: 133
Pack Size: 6 x 460g